Regular savers

Also known as Monthly Savers, these accounts are popular
with those working towards a specific goal - from family holidays
to new cars and even dream weddings.

A Regular Saver helps you build up a lump sum by making monthly deposits.

With one withdrawal allowed during the year, you’ll reach your goal sooner, as you won’t be tempted to dip in and out of your savings.

Here you can sort our accounts listed by either the highest interest rates or the lowest deposit requirements.

1 Year Regular Saver


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Interest Rate1.00%Gross/AER
Start saving from £1


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£85,000 guaranteed

Under the FSCS guarantee, your savings are protected.

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Is a Regular Saver account right for me?

If you’re aged 16 or over and are looking to save monthly whilst collecting interest on your savings over a set term, a Furness Building Society Regular Saver could be your match.

Why choose a Regular Saver?

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