Mortgages explained

Welcome to the Furness Mortgage Hub! Here you’ll find all you need to know about mortgages and what to expect during the mortgage process. 

A mortgage is the biggest financial commitment you’ll make, so it’s important you understand how mortgages work before submitting your application.

We’ve been helping people secure their homes since 1865, so it’s important to us you’re armed with the right information before making a decision.   To help with your research, you’ll find a number of helpful mortgage guides below to help you better understand the process.

Our mortgage guides


Navigating complex mortgage applications

If you’re self-employed, have income from multiple sources or no credit history, here’s our handy guide on your options, and why it’s important to find a lender that can be flexible.


Why mortgage applications are declined and what to do if this happens to you

Here is our helpful guide on reasons why mortgage applications are declined, how you can avoid this happening to you and what to do next if you are refused a mortgage.

Preparing for a mortgage interest rate increase

If your fixed rate mortgage deal ends this year, we have you covered with our guide on finding a new mortgage in 2024.

A homeowner's guide to mortgage arrears

How to prevent falling into arrears and what to do if you can’t afford your mortgage.

Remortgaging when your house value has changed

A guide to remortgaging when your house value has increased or decreased, and how to remortgage in negative equity.

Overpaying mortgage vs. saving

Should I overpay my mortgage or save? Here we look at the pros and cons of overpaying vs. savings to help you make the right financial decision.

How lenders use your credit score

A great credit score could be your key in the door, but how exactly do lenders use it to assess affordability?

The true cost of buying a home

Buying a new home and want to better plan your budget? Clue yourself up on all the hidden costs of buying a house in this handy guide.

The step by step process of buying a house

Our step by step process of buying a house walks you through the home buying process and when to apply for your mortgage.

First time buyer mortgage guide

If you’re a first time buyer, our home buyers checklist will explain your options and set out the main things you need to consider when buying your first home.

Self-employed mortgage guide

Get a head start on your self-employed mortgage application with our handy guide. Here we explain everything you need to know and how we can help.

Should I use a broker?

Our guide will help you understand the benefits of using a broker and how to get the most out of the relationship.

Self-employed mortgage FAQs

We’ve answered the most frequent questions asked by self-employed house hunters. If you’re self-employed and hoping to get a mortgage, read on...

Holiday-Let mortgage guide

This guide breaks down everything you need to know about mortgaging a rental holiday home.

Changes to EPC ratings

A guide for Landlords about Energy Performance Certificates

Buy-to-Let mortgage guide

Here we break down the buy to let market and everything you need to know to become a landlord and grow your portfolio.

How to improve your credit score

What is your credit score and how can you improve it? Here, we break down everything you need to know to get your credit rating in good shape.

A guide to remortgaging

Looking to change your current mortgage? Our handy guide to remortgaging will help you decide when remortgaging is right for you.

Remortgaging your home for renovation works

Everything you need to know about remortgaging for home improvements, the pros, the cons and alternative options.

What makes a mortgage flexible?

Everything you need to know about flexible mortgage features, how they work and how they compare to traditional mortgages.

Guide to home mover mortgages

There are a number of options you can consider when you move home as a next stepper. Here's a rundown of everything you need to know.

Savings and mortgage base rates

As rising costs increase pressure on families, we explain what the Bank of England base rate is, and how it may affect savings and mortgages.

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