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We're proud to have signed up to the Government's Mortgage Charter. Find out how we can support you.

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Here you’ll find all money-saving advice and top tips to help you secure your financial future.

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We explain what the base rate is and how it may affect savings and mortgage customers.

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We take great pride in our community and have been prioritising our customers' needs for over 150 years. From opening your first savings account to buying your first home, we’re here to help you reach every milestone.

As a Furness member, you can enjoy a brighter financial future for you and your family. Together, we hope to build an even better building society for future generations. In exchange for your support, our promise to you is a supportive, secure, and accessible service, with our teams available online, in branch and over the phone.

News and articles


The new British ISA; everything we know so far

Here’s our handy guide on everything you need to know about the British ISA.

Preparing for a mortgage interest rate rise

If your fixed rate mortgage deal ends this year, we have you covered with our guide.

Overpaying mortgage vs. saving

Should I overpay my mortgage or save? Here we look at the pros and cons of overpaying vs. savings to help you make the right financial decision.

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