Switching your
Furness mortgage

Helping you find the right mortgage
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Existing customers - switching your mortgage

If your current Furness mortgage deal is ending in the next 4 months, then we may be able to help you transfer to a new mortgage deal when your current product expires.

If you've received a letter from us containing your individual code you can switch your mortgage online, providing you do not want to change your mortgage amount, term or repayment basis.

Applying online using your access code

If you apply online, we refer to this as Execution Only. Execution Only means that you choose the mortgage product yourself and that we don't give advice or assist you in your decision.

You should only use the Execution Only service if you're confident in your ability to choose a suitable mortgage product and to take responsibility for your decision.

As you'll not receive advice, you won't benefit from an experienced mortgage adviser assessing the suitability of the mortgage product you choose and the Society will not be responsible for your selection.

If you've received your pack and you're ready to go ahead, you can switch your mortgage online.

You can proceed online if:

  • Your current mortgage deal is within 4 months of maturing or has recently matured.
  • You do not want to change your mortgage amount, term or repayment basis.
  • You meet the Society’s lending criteria.

If you choose to proceed online and have a joint mortgage, when your instructions are received they'll be accepted by the Society on behalf of both customers.

When you submit your request online, we'll send you an offer within 5 working days.


What if want to change other things about my mortgage?

Where can I find more information before switching?

What happens if I move home before my mortgage deal ends?

I have questions about my mortgage offer, who can I speak to?

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