Cash ISAs

Start saving tax-free with a fixed rate or easy access Cash ISA
(Individual Savings Account). Whilst other savings accounts
may require you to pay tax on the interest, ISAs allow
you to save up to £20,000 per year tax-free.


Here you can sort our accounts listed by either the highest interest rates or the lowest deposit requirements.

Everyday Cash ISA


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Interest Rate0.30%Tax Free/AER
Start saving from £1


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What is a cash ISA?

A Cash ISA is an Individual Savings Account that allows you to save tax-free, so you keep all the interest that you earn. You can also access your savings at any time, without incurring a charge.

Is a Cash ISA right for me?

If you're aged 16 or over and want tax-free savings, a Furness Building Society ISA may be the account for you.

Our easy access Cash ISA is a flexible ISA account that allows you to access your money whenever you need to, without paying any penalties or affecting your allowance for the year.

If you're looking to put a lump sum of money away for a fixed amount of time, then take a look at our Fixed Rate ISAs instead. 

Why choose an easy access Cash ISA?

The main benefit of a Cash ISA is the tax-free savings, so all interest is paid free of income tax. Other benefits of our accounts include:

  • Start saving from £1
  • Save up to £20,000 a year tax-free
  • Easily transfer your savings from another provider
  • Easy access to your money

If you have a lump sum that you’d like to tuck away over a fixed term, a Cash ISA may not be the right fit. Instead, take a look at our Fixed Rate ISAs.

How many Cash ISAs can I have?

You can have multiple ISAs, but you can only subscribe to one new Cash ISA in the 2021/2022 tax year. So, if you’ve opened one of our ISA accounts since 6 April 2021, you’ll need to wait until 6 April 2022 to open another one. The only exception is if you’re transferring funds from another account, in which case you may be able to open more than one Cash ISA account in the current tax year.

It’s also important to note that opening multiple ISA accounts will not increase your ISA Allowance, which is £20,000 tax-free savings in the 2021/2022 tax year.

What’s the ISA allowance or limit?

You can save £20,000 in an ISA account within the 2021/2022 tax year. Also, you can only pay into one Cash ISA account in the current tax year. This is known as the ISA allowance.

What’s the difference between a Cash ISA and a savings account?

Cash ISAs are very similar to normal savings accounts, the main difference being that you earn tax-free interest with an ISA. There's also a £20,000 limit on how much you can save in your ISA in the 2021/2022 tax year.

How does a Cash ISA differ from a Bond? 

Instant access Cash ISAs allow easy access to your savings, whilst Bonds and other fixed rate accounts do not. For help comparing the different types of ISAs and Bonds, take a look at our guide

How do I transfer my existing Cash ISA?

Whether you’re switching from another provider or a different Furness Building Society account, we’ll make transferring your Cash ISA as easy as possible for you. You can find all the information that you need on our ISA Transfer page.

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