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Our savings products

Regular Savers

Grow your savings monthly by setting up regular payments.

Everyday Savings

Withdraw or deposit savings at any time.

Fixed Rate Bonds

Set a lump sum aside and earn interest.

Fixed Rate ISAs

Tax-free savings over a fixed term

Cash ISAs

Flexible, tax free savings accounts with easy access.

Notice Accounts

Fixed term savings, with notice required for withdrawals.

Young Savers

Help your children save for their future

Community Accounts

Save & support a local, worthy cause.

Why save with us?

When it comes to your savings, we’ve got your best interests at heart. As a local business, the community is very important to us and we’ve been proudly providing a safe, solid and secure service to local families since 1865. 

Having supported our customers through life’s milestones for over 150 years, you can rest easy knowing that your savings are safe with us. Our teams are always listening and adapting to the needs of our customers, so when opening a savings account with us you can expect a friendly and professional service that works with you.

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