Self-Employed mortgages

Self EmployedMany self-employed people wanting to apply for a mortgage find themselves hampered by today’s tougher lending rules and may struggle to meet the rigid requirements imposed by most lenders.

But Furness Building Society looks beyond automatic credit scores and tick-box decision-making to give self-employed applicants a better chance of getting the mortgage they need.

The Furness has a team of experienced mortgage underwriters who understand business accounts and subjects like ‘director’s remuneration’ and ‘share of net profit’.   That means they are ideally suited to work with self-employed customers to secure a mortgage.

The Furness won’t penalise you if you have moved from being a sole trader to a limited company.

Self-employed customers have access to the full range of mortgage products that Furness offer, to view what mortgages are available to you please complete the below form.

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