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Short-term mortgage vs bridging loan

Short-term mortgage loans can be an alternative to bridging loans. Whilst buying and selling simultaneously is the dream scenario, we understand that plans can sometimes go awry. Short-term mortgage lending can help you secure your next home when you’ve yet to sell your current one.

What is short-term lending?

Typical residential mortgages are long-term, lasting for up to 40 years. Our short-term mortgage loans are available for up to two years. This makes them an ideal solution for buying a new home while you’re waiting for your existing property to sell. It’s also useful if you’re buying your next home at auction and therefore need the funds right away.

How does short-term lending differ from a bridging loan?

How long do short-term mortgages last?

What short-term lending rates are available?

From new mortgages to remortgaging and Buy-to-Let, we can help you find the right deal.

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