Fixed Rate Bonds

Opening a Bond means that you can rest easy in the knowledge
that your savings are safely and securely tucked away.

As you need to wait until your Bond matures to access it,
you won’t be tempted to dip in and out of your savings.



Here you can sort our accounts listed by either the highest interest rates or the lowest deposit requirements.

Sorry, we don't have any bonds on sale just now. We’re working on a new range of savings accounts and we’ll be back with these products as soon as possible.

Do you already have a Bond with us that's coming to the end of its term? View your options on maturity

£85,000 guaranteed

Under the FSCS guarantee, your savings are protected.

Still not sure?

Is a Fixed Rate Bond right for me?

If you have £1,000 or more in personal savings that you don’t need access to and would like to lock away over a set term, with a fixed rate, a Furness Building Society Bond could be the account for you.

Why choose a Fixed Rate Bond?

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