Career development at Furness

To ensure a bright future for our Society, it’s essential we invest in what makes Furness unique - our people.

Investing in our people

Every single one of our colleagues has played a major role in our success and stability over the years, which is why it’s so important to invest in their continuous growth. From refresher training to funded degrees, our enhanced training initiative is vital for building a better Society for future generations.


Andrew Turner: Funded masters

Our Mortgage Ops Lead, Andrew, went from branch to HQ with qualifications and a Master’s Degree funded by Furness Building Society.

Pam Mawson: Life-long Training

How our Director of Operational Resilience & Strategic Change, Pam, climbed the ladder with training, qualifications and a degree, all fully funded by Furness Building Society.

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Supporting strategic leadership

As part of our commitment to employee growth, we’re encouraging team members to complete the award-winning Strategic Leadership master's degree.

The three-year course was developed by the Building Societies Association, in partnership with Loughborough University, and there’s no obligation for building societies to participate. It’s a substantial commitment on the part of both students and business, however, we recognise the value in driving employee progress to continuously raise our standards for Society customers.

This year, we’re proud to have two colleagues completing the degree course, fully funded by Furness Building Society.

Our Mortgage Team Leader, Sarah Edmondson, was the first member of the Furness family to join the programme and is now undertaking her third and final year of the part-time course.

The degree teaches critical management and leadership skills and in her last year, Sarah will be undertaking a group business project demanding innovative and creative thinking to drive business improvements and overcome challenges.

“Since I began my master's studies, I’ve noticed a big improvement in my confidence. I’ve always been able to do my job well, but previously suffered from imposter syndrome which occasionally prevented me from speaking up in management meetings - even if I knew I had something valuable to offer. The topics I’ve learned on the course have not only increased my knowledge but also equipped me with the tools to support my team and assert myself in situations that require my input.”

“I’ve made some fantastic relationships with colleagues from building societies across the country, some of whom will be friends for life. I found it very reassuring to be surrounded by people from similar career backgrounds and truly value the different perspectives they offer me - both on the course itself and working life.”

Our Savings Product Manager, Toby Atkinson, started the degree programme in January 2021. He spent his first year studying modules including ‘Strategy, Governance and Risk’ and ‘Managing Organisational Resources’.

A big part of the course involves collaborative learning with peers from other building societies. This not only facilitates interaction with other building society professionals but supports the spread of best practices across the wider mutual sector.

“I’m only one year into the degree course but it has already had a hugely positive impact on my knowledge of the mutual sector as a whole. I have a much rounder view of Society services and a more in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities we face as a business. This has undoubtedly benefited me in my day-to-day role and I am confident I will be able to pass this on to colleagues and customers as well.“

“Completing this degree is a very significant undertaking and requires a sizable personal, as well as professional, commitment. But it’s very rewarding and I feel extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity by Furness to take part. I know it will pay dividends in my long-term professional development at the Society.“

The Class of 2025

We’re excited to enrol a new cohort of colleagues onto the degree programme in 2022. There’s no question that the course requires a substantial amount of hard work, commitment and enthusiasm from our employees so we wish all of our graduates the very best in their studies in the forthcoming year.

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