Supporting the Homes for Ukraine scheme

Furness Building Society wholeheartedly supports the government’s Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship scheme, which will enable UK homeowners to open up their homes to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war.

We look forward to the quick implementation of this scheme, which will ensure homeowners can participate easily. As such, we’re following guidance issued by UK Finance and the Building Societies Association, who are working closely with the government to finalise the scheme’s details.

Hosting refugees in your home

As a Furness customer, it’s extremely important that you inform us of your intention to host refugees to avoid complications with your mortgage. Due to the uncertainties involved at the moment, we recommend you get in touch with us once the joint visa application from the sponsor and refugee/refugees has been accepted. We kindly request that this notification is made in writing to

We also recommend contacting your home insurer, as having valid buildings insurance is a condition of your mortgage contract. Your insurer may also have additional requirements that you need to be aware of. For more information, the Association of British Insurers has guidance available on their website.

As this is a rapidly evolving situation, do keep an eye on government guidance relating to the scheme, as we anticipate it’ll develop further over the coming weeks.

Whilst we’ll do everything we can to help support those wishing to welcome refugees into their homes, please ensure you’re financially able to do so. If you’re experiencing financial difficulties that are affecting your mortgage payments, you may not be in the best position to host another family. If you’re currently struggling with your mortgage, please contact our team.