The new British ISA; everything we know so far

There’s already a lot of debate about the new British ISA, which was announced by the Government in the 2024 Spring Statement. It’s hoped this new scheme will help increase investment for British businesses and boost the UK economy, but what does this new ISA mean for savers?

Here’s our handy guide on everything you need to know about the British ISA, what it would mean for the ISA allowance and when it’s likely to launch.

Piggy bank and bag of savings

What is the British Individual Savings Account (ISA)?

Is this new ISA available now?

What is the British ISA allowance?

Which ‘British businesses’ will be invested in through the British ISA?

Will the same ISA rules apply to the British ISA?

Why has the Government launched the British ISA?

Could I choose a British ISA as my main tax-free saving account?