Identity Verification

We are required by law to check the identity of all account holders.  To do this, we need to see the following:

If opening an account in a branch or agency (face to face) any one of the documents in List 1 is acceptable as evidence of identity and in addition, address verification must also be provided.

Alternatively if opening an account through the post (non face to face) then two documents are required.  One document from List 1 together with one document from List 2.  One document must verify your current address.

If you cannot provide one item from each list, please contact 0800 834312 for further guidance.

List 1 List 2
  • A current valid passport
  • National Identity card 
  • A current valid photocard driving licence (full or provisional)
  • A current valid firearms certificate or shotgun licence
  • A valid (old style) driving licence (must be accompanied by a second document from List 2)
  • Recent evidence (last 3 months) of payment of state pension or other Government benefits/tax credit (must be accompanied by a second document from List 2)
  • A current council tax letter
  • Grant of probate
  • A recent (last 3 months) bank or credit card statement
  • A recent (last 3 months) utility bill



Accounts for children

Please provide one of the following documents for a child under 16 years.

  • Child Trust Fund voucher
  • A recent (last 3 months) Child Benefit/Tax Credit document
  • Birth certificate
  • National Insurance card (age 16 or 17)
  • A current valid passport
  • NHS medical card

Adult operators and signatories must provide identification in accordance with the requirements stated in List 1 and 2.

We will need to see the originals of the documents, except if they are sent to us by post.  In this case we will accept photocopies as long as they are certified by a Solicitor, Accountant, Authorised Financial Adviser, Teacher, Doctor, Minister or Post Office Master and we are provided with sufficient information to be able to contact that person.

If you already have an account with the Society, and the details we have about you have not changed, then we may not need to check your name and/or address.  Please enquire for further details.

We reserve the right to carry out any further checks on your identity if we think we need to do so in order to comply with our legal obligations, including electronic checks.  We may ask you to provide additional evidence if you change your address or if you have not used your account for over 12 months.  For further details, see the General Investment Terms & Conditions.

We will keep a copy of the identity verification document(s) you provide.  These records are required to fulfill our statutory obligations and will not be used for any other purpose.

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