E-Savings FAQs



Making a withdrawal

When can I withdraw?

Dependent on your account Terms and Conditions, you can only withdraw online by transferring money to a specified bank or building society account. Withdrawals are not allowed during the first 14 days following receipt of your initial opening payment for security reasons. There is a daily online withdrawal limit of £5,000 per account per day. 

To a bank account

Once you have logged in, select the account you want to transfer out of from on the homepage. Then select 'Make Withdrawal' and follow the instructions on screen. If you have not registered your nominated bank account details against your account you will not be able to withdraw funds.  You can send your bank details to us using the secure message facility on your profile home page and we will then ensure they are added to your account.  

Withdrawals against cheques

Withdrawals against cheques paid into your account can be made on the sixth working day after it has been deposited with us, provided we have not received notice that it has not been cleared. If a withdrawal is allowed on the sixth working day and we receive notification that the cheque has been returned unpaid on that day, then we would require you to repay the funds and the Society's unpaid cheque charge. For example, a cheque paid in on a Monday will normally be available for withdrawal on the Tuesday of the following week. There is an online withdrawal limit of £5,000 per day per account. Withdrawals are not allowed during the first 14 days following receipt of your initial opening payment for security reasons. 

Paying In

Bank Transfer

Once you have received your verification code you may use the following bank details to instruct your bank to send the money to your Furness account by Faster Payment:

Sort Code

15 - 10 - 00

Account Number


Reference Number

Your 9 digit Furness Account Number


You can send a cheque in to our Head Office (Service Hub, Furness Building Society Emlyn Hughes House, Abbey Road, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 5PQ) or take it to your local branch.


You can take cash in to your local branch.

Opening an Account

What is an Identity Check?

An online identity check is carried out because of money laundering regulations. This saves the majority of applications having to provide paper identification.

Why might I be asked to send in identification?

When you register for Furness eSavings online an online security and identity check is carried out that verifies your identity against a number of independent data sources. However if you have changed your name or have moved address recently this check can sometimes not be carried out as your details cannot be found. It is for this reason that you may be asked to send in identification so we can ensure the details you supply us with are correct. 

How do I pay money into my account?

You can pay into your account in a few different ways. Please remember some types of accounts (for example bonds) do not allow money to be paid in after a certain date. 

Can I get access immediately?

We take the security of your information very seriously and therefore as part of your registration procedure we need to post a verification code to you which will enable you to transact on your account. We will only issue the verification code to your registered address. However should you wish to access your account to view your details you can log in before you receive your verification code but will be unable to perform some actions including withdrawing money and changing some of your stored personal and security details.

Setting up Security Details

What is a Username?

A username is a unique identifier for each customer that is required each time you log in.  This will be issued in the first email to you following registration for online services.

Why do I need a password?

A password is a crucial piece of information that is used to identify that an individual is who they claim to be. By its very nature, a password must be kept secret at all times. Never write your security details down, don't use the same password for different services, never use a password that is easy to associate with you i.e. family names, birthdays etc. and never disclose your security details to anyone. 

Why do I need a memorable word?

A memorable word acts as an extra piece of security information to keep your details - and your money- safe. It also means that if you forget your login ID or your password, you can reset these details yourself without needing to call us. 


Changing my…


To change your name please forward authority in writing together with witnessed supporting documentation i.e. marriage certificate.  Please send your request to Service Hub, Furness Building Society Emlyn Hughes House, Abbey Road, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 5PQ.


To change your address please forward authority in writing together with proof of your address change i.e. a utility bill.  Please send your request to Service Hub, Furness Building Society Emlyn Hughes House, Abbey Road, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 5PQ.

Phone number

To change your telephone number please visit the My Profile page.  Remember to click 'save' once you have changed the details.

E-mail address

To change your email address please visit the My Profile page.   Remember to click 'save' once you have changed the details.


Your username cannot be changed. If you forget your username click on 'Forgotten Your Username' on the main log in page and follow the instructions to receive a reminder email.


To change your password please visit the My Profile page.   Remember to click 'save' once you have changed the details.

Secret word

To change your secret word please visit the My Profile page.   Remember to click 'save' once you have changed the details.

Bank account details

To change your nominated bank account details please send your new details using the secure messaging facility on your profile's homepage.  We will then ensure they are changed and will confirm to you using secure message that we have done this for you.

Payment option for interest earned by my account

To change the payment option for interest earned by your account please send instructions using the secure messaging facility on your profile's homepage.  We will then ensure they are changed and will confirm to you using secure message that we have done this for you.  Please be aware that certain types of interest payment are not available for some account types.  These will be detailed in the terms and conditions you originally agreed to.

Closing an Account

How to close an account

To close an account please send written, signed authority to Service Hub, Furness Building Society Emlyn Hughes House, Abbey Road, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 5PQ. Please note funds can only be sent to the nominated bank account you have registered and cannot be sent to another account or be withdrawn by cheque. You will not be able to close your account online in the first 14 days following receipt of your initial opening payment for security reasons. You will also not be able to close an account with closure/withdrawal restriction which will be detailed in the terms and conditions of the account you read prior to opening.

Getting in touch

Sending a secure message

Once you have registered for Furness eSavings online, log in and click on the 'Messages' link at the top of the screen. Then click the 'Write message' button in the 'Your Messages' box. You will then be able to type your query in the box provided. You should not include any of your security details in a secure message. We will send an e-mail to your registered e-mail address to inform you when you have a reply to your query. You can then retrieve this by logging into your messages area on your online account. 

Calling us

If you have a query or you require further help, you can call the Investment Team on 0800 5425411, lines are open Monday to Friday: 9am - 7pm, Saturday: 9am - 12pm.

Logging In

What if I forget my Username?

If you forget your username click on 'Forgotten Your Username' on the main log in page and follow the instructions to receive a reminder email.

What if I forget my password?

If you forget your username click on 'Forgotten Your Password' on the main log in page.  You will be prompted to enter characters from your memorable word and once these have been entered you will receive an email to enable to reset your password.

What if I forget my memorable word?

You will have firstly entered your Username and Password before you are taken to the page where your memorable word is required.  To reset your secret word click on "Forgotten Your Memorable Word?" You will then be prompted to enter your password again to enable a reset email to be issued to you.


How did you access the site?

If you are struggling to access the site, type www.Furnessbs.co.uk into your address bar at the top of your browser window, then follow the link to Furness eSavings online.

What browsers and operating systems do you support?

We support the following browsers:
•Internet Explorer 7 and 8
•Safari 5 (on Mac and PC)
•Firefox 3.6
•Chrome 9.

You may be able to use Furness Online on other browsers but your experience may be compromised.

We support the following operating systems:
•Windows XP
•Windows Vista
•Windows 7
•MAC OS Snow Leopard

How can I tell which browser version I'm using?

To check the browser and version that you are using go to the toolbar menu at the top and click 'Help', you can then click either 'About Internet Explorer', 'About Mozilla Firefox' 'About Safari' or 'About Google Chrome'. The name of the browser and the version will then be displayed. 

Difficulty viewing a PDF file

You may need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader software that is free from the following link. http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html Please remember that we cannot offer any support if you choose to install new software or update your PC. You should seek advice from an IT Professional if you are unsure how to perform these tasks before undertaking them. 

Other useful links


http://www.banksafeonline.org.uk/helpful_sites.html - links to software upgrade etc

Scheduled maintenance times

From time to time we will schedule maintenance that affects your access to Furness eSavings online, when we do this we will give notice on the login screen and will always aim to carry out maintenance in quieter periods or overnight.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are harmless text files that websites can store on your computer's hard drive when you visit to allow the website to recognise you when you revisit. We use cookies to enable us to gather general management information about web site traffic patterns, evaluate our site's advertising and promotional effectiveness and to help monitor and improve our internet service. We own the anonymous data collected, which is not shared with anyone. We use permanent cookies, these stay on your machine until expiry or deletion. Many are built with automatic deletion dates to help ensure your hard drive doesn't get overloaded. 

Why do I need to enable cookies?

To access Furness Online services you will need to enable cookies. If cookies is disabled you will not be able to go any further than the second step of login. To enable cookies, follow the instructions provided by your browser (usually located within the 'Help', 'Tools' or 'Edit' facility). Alternatively, an external resource is available at allaboutcookies.org providing specific information about cookies and how to manage them to suit your preferences.

Protecting my personal information

How is my money kept safe online?

If you would like more peace of mind about the security of our online accounts, here is some information on how we make sure your details - and your money - are safe:

•1. We verify your identity when you register for Furness eSavings online. If this cannot be done electronically we ask for physical evidence. This reduces the risk of identity theft.
•2. We continually review our security systems to ensure that the highest levels of safety are balanced with ease-of-use for our customers.
•3. We monitor transactions for suspicious activity.
•4. We will never ask you to give us your log in details over the phone or in a branch. We will ask other questions if we need to verify your identity.

What is a firewall?

A personal firewall is a small programme that helps protect your computer and its contents from unauthorised access on the Internet. When installed correctly, it stops unauthorised traffic to and from your computer. There are many effective programmes to choose from. Common commercial examples include Zone Labs and McAfee, in addition to those supplied with Windows version XP onwards. 

What is phishing?

•Ignore e-mails claiming to be from Furness Building Society that ask you to follow links to a site to confirm your online account security details. These e-mails and fake sites may look as if they're from Furness Building Society but they are fraudulent.

•If you think you've received a fraudulent e-mail that looks like it's from Furness Building Society, ring Service Hub on 0800 5425411 and then delete it from your e-mail account.

•Always check the authenticity of the Furness Building Society’s online account site by checking its security certificate, which you can do by double-clicking on the padlock symbol on your browser.

• If you think you've given away your security details ring the Contact Centre on 0800 5425411.

• Keep your system and web browser updated. Manufacturers regularly release security patches when weaknesses are discovered in their systems and browsers. Ensure you have the latest updates at all times.

What is Call ML?

Call ML is a system designed to enable customers to open accounts easily without the need to provide original identification documents. Call ML verifies your identity electronically by checking your details against a number of independent data sources. 

Is this a credit check?

No. Call ML is not a credit check, it simply verifies your identity. A Call ML check does not affect your credit rating and is not in any way affected by an adverse credit history. 

Why do I need to provide proof of my identity?

Since 1994, when the Money Laundering Regulations became law, all banks and building societies have had to put procedures in place to stop criminals from using them to launder their 'dirty' money. These include the need to obtain proof of identity and address from anyone who wishes to open an account or buy any financial product or service from them.

The first step in the laundering process for criminals is to get their money into an account with a bank or building society often using a false identity and address therefore it is extremely important that ID is taken for all customers to confirm that their identity is genuine.

Asking you to prove your identity does not mean you are under any suspicion. Taking identification from customers helps to protect the Society from laundering money and making 'dirty' money appear as 'clean' legitimate funds

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