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Our regular savers allow you to save regularly each month to build up a lump sum.  

Choosing a regular saver is a great way to save and with one withdrawal per year, you won’t be tempted to dip in and out of your savings.  You can still get to your money if you really need to – and as long as you leave £1 in the account, you can just start again.

Wouldn’t it be great never having to say no when that holiday of a lifetime comes up? Or you’ve saved enough money to get through Christmas without January feeling like the longest month ever!  Maybe you just want to feel financially secure – let’s face it - everybody has to start somewhere.

There are some easy ways to get started.  Why not set up a regular payment into your account on pay day – soon enough you won’t even miss it and before you know it, you’re saying YES to the fun things in life.

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You must read the "General Savings Terms and Conditions and Other Important Information" to ensure you fully understand how your account works and your responsibilities as an account holder.

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