Why mortgage applications are declined and what to do if this happens to you

Finding the right mortgage can take time, and navigating affordability checks, application criteria and making a formal application aren’t always plain sailing. Going through a mortgage application process can be complicated and stressful, but even more so if you are rejected for a mortgage.

Here is our helpful guide on reasons why mortgage applications are declined, how you can avoid this happening to you and what to do next if you are refused a mortgage.

Loan application with pen and model house

Why would a mortgage be declined?

How often are mortgages declined?

How your income affects your affordability

Your credit score and how it impacts your application

Being linked to other people's finances and how this impacts your application

What happens if you are declined a mortgage?

What can you do if you've had a mortgage declined and don't want to lose a property?

Can a declined mortgage affect your credit score?

Can you appeal a declined mortgage?