Message for our members

It's come to our attention that some members are receiving calls from phone numbers that appear to belong to Furness Building Society. These calls play a pre-recorded message suggesting there’s a problem with the recipient's account, or similar issues.

We want to assure our members that we’d never contact them in this manner. 

This type of fraudulent activity is known as ‘spoofing’. Scammers manipulate their Caller ID to appear as if they’re calling from a legitimate company to steal personal and/or financial information.

Unfortunately, despite restrictions in place in the UK to prevent spoofing, these attacks can originate from anywhere in the world. As a result, we’re unable to prevent it from happening. We advise our members to be cautious if they receive a suspicious call.

Protect yourself from spoofing

To keep your personal information safe, never share it during incoming phone calls, and don't rely on Caller ID alone for identification.

If someone asks for personal information, hang up. If in doubt, contact us using the number on your official Furness account statement, or via our contact us page, to confirm if the call was genuine. Wait at least five minutes before calling, or use a different phone, to ensure the call has disconnected.


Reporting spoofing scams

Our team has reported this activity to ActionFraud and Ofcom. If you receive a call with a suspicious message from Furness Building Society, please hang up right away and report the incident via the ActionFraud website.

For more information about protecting yourself from fraudsters, take a look at our fraud prevention guide.

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