12 ways to improve funding for charities and community organisations

Cost-saving ideas for charities and local clubs.

Generating more income for a charity or club

Running a club or charity can be incredibly rewarding, however, they’re usually more susceptible to financial hurdles. Finding extra money in the budget to cover essential costs can be challenging let alone making savings for a rainy day.

The good news is there are many ways to help improve funding for charities and community organisations, without resorting to drastic cost-cutting measures - helping you to start saving money. We’ve pulled together 12 practical, yet simple, ways to save money for your non-profit organisation.

Woman in fancy dress on the start line of a charity race.

1. Find the right savings account

Keeping track of your money is important and, as such, most community groups will already have a bank account set up for everyday transactions and grant applications. But what about savings?

Tucking money away for a rainy day, or saving to reach a goal, can be as important as your everyday finances and it starts with setting up the right kind of savings account.

Here at Furness, we have two types of partnership savings accounts for charities and clubs:

Furness Partnership 100 Day Notice Saver

  • For when you don’t need instant access to the savings
  • Access your funds with 100 days' notice
  • Start saving from £1,000
  • Variable interest rate

Furness Partnership Everyday Saver

  • Access your savings at any time
  • Start saving from £1
  • Variable interest rate

Who can open our partnership savings accounts?
Our non-corporate accounts are designed for when savings are to be held in trust for a club, charity or unincorporated association.

2. Swap traditional advertising for low-cost alternatives

3. Don’t forget the ‘human touch’

4. Recruit sponsors and organise fundraisers

5. Seek out community support

6. Embrace remote working

7. Go green and save money

8. Review your expenses

9. Switch to the cloud

10. Negotiate with your landlord

11. Declutter your space

12. Take advantage of the apprenticeship levy

Start boosting funding for your charity or community organisation

We hope you’ve found these money-saving tips useful. To kick start your organisation’s savings, take a look at our Partnership Accounts. For more savings tips and guides, check out our Savings Hub.