1 Year Regular Saver

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Product Overview

What do these terms mean?

  • Interest Rate is how much you would earn by saving with us, based on a percentage of your total savings.


  • AER (Annual Equivalent Rate) is the interest rate used for comparisons to show how much interest you’ll earn over one year.


  • Start saving from refers to the minimum amount required to open that savings account.


  • Account type refers to the type of savings account.

Account type

Regular Saver

Start saving from

Current Interest Rate


1.30% Gross/AER

Start saving from

Current Interest Rate


1.30% Gross/AER

Strengthen your financial security with a flexible monthly savings account.

Our 1 Year Regular Saver is designed for those who’d like to save regularly towards a lump sum, without locking their funds away completely, it allows one withdrawal during the term, preventing you from dipping in and out of your savings whilst still having access to it when you need it most.

This account is great if...

  • You want to save regularly
  • You want to keep your savings safe whilst
    earning interest


Summary Box for the 1 Year Regular Saver

Account Name

What is the interest rate?

Can Furness Building Society change the interest rate?

What would the estimated balance be after 12 months based on a £1,000 deposit?

How do I open and manage my account?

Can I withdraw money?

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