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We know that you might have concerns about your finances at this time, and a payment holiday on your mortgage may give you some flexibility.

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How can I apply for a payment holiday on my mortgage?

Residential Mortgages

For residential mortgages, the payment holiday will apply if you’re up to date on your mortgage repayments, you’re not in arrears, and you tell us that you’ve been affected – directly or indirectly – by Coronavirus.

Simply complete our short form and we’ll be in touch or call us on 0800 220 568

Buy to Let Mortgages

For buy-to-let mortgages, it will apply if you’re up to date with your payments, you’re not in arrears and you tell us that your tenants are having difficulty in paying their rent due to Coronavirus. Please make sure that where a  Payment Holiday ,where no payments have to be made for up to 3 months, is granted, a similar arrangement is applied by you to your tenant. 

Simply complete our short form and we’ll be in touch or call us on 0800 220 568

When should I apply?

You may not need this immediately and should consider when the right time is for you. If and when you decide to go ahead, the interest will accrue in the holiday period and you’ll need to make up deferred payments in the future. This won’t affect your credit rating.

What does a payment holiday actually mean for me?

Whilst your monthly payment does not have to be made, during the payment holiday period, you will still owe that money to us and interest will be charged and added to your account during payment holiday period. So, if you are able to make part of your normal monthly mortgage payment to reduce interest charges, you should consider this to make sure you don’t pay more interest than you need to over the term of your mortgage.

What happens when the payment holiday ends?

We’ll contact you before the end of your payment holiday and together we’ll come to an arrangement to repay the interest charges incurred and to make up payments that have been deferred.

Usually it makes financial sense to pay these off as quickly as possible, if you are able to.  If the interest and deferred payments are repaid over the remaining term this will generally lead to you paying much more than if you had paid them off over a shorter time.

We’re here to help

If you’re already experiencing financial difficulty and are behind on your mortgage repayments, there are similar steps we can take to help you, so please talk to us about how we can help.

As you can appreciate we’re experiencing very high call volumes at the moment as we talk to members who need to arrange an immediate payment holiday. So that we can get to everyone as and when they need us, if you’re not ready to use the payment holiday just yet, please wait until you’re ready to apply before getting in touch.

When you’re ready to apply for a payment holiday please get in touch by completing our short form or by calling us on 0800 220 568.

We might take a bit longer to get to you at the moment as we work hard to help all of our customers in these unprecedented times. 

Thank you for your patience and best wishes for you and your family’s safety

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