Short-term lending

Helping your clients bridge the gap between homes.

Supporting your clients

Our short-term lending products are an ideal, and often cheaper, alternative to bridging loans. These are interest-only products that last two years and we can offer your clients 100% of the purchase price, subject to a maximum 60% LTV across both properties. 

If you have a client looking for a short-term mortgage and would like to talk through their case call us on 0800 015 1320.

Alternatively, take a look at our full product range.

Our short-term lending benefits

Whilst our short-term lending products are interest-only, lasting two years, they also have no ERC’s so can be used for shorter periods. It’s ideal for clients who have identified a property but are unable to sell their current one first. Also, if the loan can be supported on one property alone, we use that property as security. 

If it benefits the client, the loan can be split into capital and interest repayment portions to be paid over a longer period of time (subject to the mortgage being redeemed by age 80) and the short-term lending product can be secured on the property which is to be sold.

Short-term lending criteria

Bridge the gap between homes

Anne’s broker came to us for a short-term lending solution to bridge the gap between her current and new home.

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