Helping first time buyers in our Heartland

There are some fantastic career opportunities for the younger generation here in Cumbria and South Lakes, but with such a lack of first time buyer mortgages around it’s really difficult for them to realise their dream of buying their first home.  Therefore we are proud to have launched our First Time Buyer range for proprieties in LA postcodes.


We’ll also look at help from close family members, allowing them to join the mortgage without having to be named on the mortgage deed.  This can sometimes address early affordability issues, especially where there is potential for the applicants’ earnings are likely to increase as their career progresses.


It's not just about the rate...

As well as competitive pricing, we're also pleased to offer:

  • Lending up to 95% in LA postcodes including New Build Houses in LA Postcodes
  • All cases individually reviewed and underwritten
  • No credit score (soft credit check on DIPS)
  • Maximum mortgage term up to 40 years
  • Gifted deposits from close family accepted
  • Joint applicant, sole proprietorship solutions


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How have we helped?

We'll always take the time to take a detailed look at your client's situation.  In practice, this means that we've been able to support a huge range of buyers who needed to take advantage of our flexible approach to underwriting.  Take a look at the stories below for just a few examples of how we've helped in the past.

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