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First time buyers often face challenges when buying their first home. Being a solution-based mortgage lender, we have many products available to suit the unique circumstances of your first time buyer clients, helping them step onto the property ladder.

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Helping first time buyers in our heartland

There are some fantastic career opportunities for the younger generation here in Cumbria and South Lakes but a lack of high LTV mortgages can make it difficult for them to realise their dream of buying their first home. We're immensely proud to support our Heartland by offering a first time buyer product for properties in LA postcodes.  Contact your BDM to discuss this with us.

Our mortgages - Joint Borrower, Sole Proprietor

Joint Borrower Sole Owner success

Our Joint Borrower Sole Owner solution helped Peter overcome barriers created by his capped salary.

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We helped first time buyers Shona and James secure their mortgage with a limited credit history.

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We helped Miss Peters overcome Interest Coverage Ratios (ICRs) barriers when remortgaging her rental property.

Mortgages for complex incomes

Dr Kinsella needed a flexible mortgage lender who could assess her multiple income streams fairly.

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