Product Transfers for Existing Customers

Switching your customer to another Furness mortgage

If your client’s mortgage is coming to an end, you can transfer to a new product quickly and easily with us. 


Benefits for you and your clients:

  • Earn a procuration fee
  • Competitive products for your client 
  • No valuation, we’ll use the UK House Price Index (HPI)
  • No credit checks required for product transfers
  • ESIS issues within 2 working days

Step 1

A maturity information pack is sent to customers 3 months before their existing mortgage product is due to expire.

Step 2

The customer's information pack contains their mortgage account number and a unique switch number. You’ll need these to submit a product transfer request.

Step 3

Once the customer has requested that you carry out the product transfer on their behalf, you can log onto the online mortgage application system. Register Now

Step 4

Once logged into the system, select "Product Transfer" and follow the simple steps. Once we've received your request we'll issue an ESIS within 2 working days. 

Step 5

The ESIS and Mortgage Offer will be emailed (and posted if required) to both yourself and the customer – the offer requires the customer’s signature. 

Step 6

The signed Mortgage Offer needs to be returned to us either by post or e-mail to

Step 7

The product transfer will take place on the maturity of the existing mortgage deal and you'll receive notification that this has completed.

Step 8 

You'll receive payment for the product transfer 10 days following completion. This is usually by electronic payment but, in some cases, a cheque will be issued.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which products can my customer transfer to?

What procuration fee will I receive for a product transfer?

When will I receive payment?

How will I receive the payment?

Do I need to be registered with Furness for Intermediaries to carry out a product transfer?

What if my customer wants to make changes other than a product transfer?

Will a valuation need to be carried out on the property?

Will any credit checks or affordability assessments take place?

How long will it take to process the product transfer?

What if my customer changes their mind before the product transfer has completed?

How will I know when the product transfer has completed?

Will you re-value the customers property?

Can I charge a fee to the customer for arranging a product transfer?

Are the products shown online only available to existing customers?

Do you offer the same products and rates to Intermediaries and direct customers for product transfers?

How does my customer give permission for me to act on their behalf?

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