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Our flexible approach to Holiday-Let mortgages enables us to consider applications that some lenders cannot. We also have a higher personal use allowance - 90 days - and will consider both interest-only and repayment mortgages on properties across mainland UK. 

If you have a Holiday-Let client and would like to talk through their case call us on 0800 015 1320.

Alternatively, take a look at our full product range.

How we calculate affordability

We apply our usual flexible approach to calculating affordability for Holiday-Let mortgages. Our unique process means we’re able to consider applications involving complex and/or multiple income streams, which other lenders usually cannot. This includes using an element of the gross holiday rental income, as well as personal income. Our affordability based model uses primarily personal income but also factors in 50% of the rental income into the assessment.

Other benefits of our Holiday-Let mortgages include:

• Personal use allowed for up to 90 days per year
• Mortgages considered on an interest-only or repayment basis
• Available on properties across mainland UK
• Maximum loan to value of 75%

Making Holiday-Let possible

Business owners Scott and Helen needed help securing a Holiday-Let mortgage, due to their complex incomes.

Holiday-Let mortgage criteria

  • Maximum LTV 75%.
  • Interest-only or repayment basis considered.
  • The applicants must own their own home. Rent must be at least 125% of the interest payable at the initial product pay rate.
  • Total applicants’ earned income should be at least £30,000.
  • Applications are underwritten on a “full status” basis.
  • Affordability fully assessed using net earned income plus 50% of actual /anticipated gross rent (either actual amount received or anticipated rent as advised by a specialised Holiday-Let agent) less all personal outgoings and the proposed new mortgage payment including an allowance for rate rises.
  • Maximum of 4 Holiday-Let mortgages per borrower.
  • Where the applicant also holds Buy-to-Let properties, the maximum permitted exposure with the Society will be £750,000 and 5 properties and in total 10 properties and £2m (including any exposure with the Society).
  • 3 months satisfactory bank statements to be provided.
  • A satisfactory statement of Assets & Liabilities to be provided.
  • Available mainland UK.
  • Minimum valuation £125,000.
  • Minimum advance £50,000.
  • No occupancy restrictions to apply to the security.
  • Applicants can have up to 90 days personal use each year.
  • Must have a minimum EPC rating of ‘E’


Still got questions?  Contact your BDM - or view our full criteria.

Letting properties on AirBnB

Within our Holiday-Let mortgage criteria, we welcome applications where the owners intend to use Airbnb to let their properties as part of our flexible approach.

You’ll need to let us know whether the property is intended to be let as an Airbnb, ideally ahead of submitting the application. This helps avoid delays with the mortgage application.

We’d always recommend you speak with your local BDM about our mortgage options as a first step, as this can help make the application process much quicker and smoother.

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