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Whether they’re experienced property investors or first-time landlords, we can help your clients find the ideal Buy-to-Let mortgage solution. We’ll even consider your client’s full financial circumstances when making a decision.

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Benefits of our Buy-to-Let mortgages

We take into consideration the letting costs, taxation of rental profits and your client’s own personal income and expenditure - including any other mortgages held. 

Unlike some lenders, we do not apply an Interest Coverage Calculation (ICR) when assessing a new Buy-to-Let application. However, the gross anticipated rent should be at least 125% of the interest charges at the initial pay rate.


Our criteria (Unregulated and Consumer Buy-to-Let)

Additional criteria for Regulated Buy-to-Let

Portfolio landlords

Overcoming Buy-to-Let barriers

Miss Peters is a higher rate taxpayer who owns a portfolio of Buy-to-Let (BTL) properties.

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