Self-employment shouldn’t be a barrier for your clients to secure a mortgage. 

Supporting your clients

With self-employed mortgages there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach. We understand that your client's income will inevitably fluctuate and company structures can vary. That’s why our underwriters consider the unique nature of each client's business and will assess your client’s income accordingly. 


If you have a self-employed client and would like to talk through their case call us on 0800 988 1561 (Option 1). Alternatively, take a look at our full product range.

Our self-employed mortgage benefits

Our flexible approach to lending enables us to assess each application on an individual basis, no matter how complex your client’s income. Benefits of our self-employed mortgages include:

  • We’ll look at pre-tax profits when assessing affordability. 
  • We’ll consider all streams of income when making a decision. 
  • The capacity to earn additional incomes would also be considered. 
  • We’re often able to lend to clients that other lenders cannot.

Self-employed mortgage criteria

A solution for complex incomes

We were able to help Paul’s broker overcome hurdles created by their client’s complex self-employed income.

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