Self-build mortgages

Specialist mortgages for clients building their own homes.

Supporting your clients

We offer a range of mortgage solutions for clients who are looking to build their own home in England, Scotland or Wales. Available to employed, self-employed or contract workers, our self-build mortgages are available through our exclusive partner, BuildLoan.


Going green with a self build? Then have a look at our green self-build mortgages

How BuildLoan can help you and your client

BuildLoan is the UK’s leading provider of construction finance - specialising in financial products for self build properties, as well as renovation, home improvements, conversion and rebuilds. 


Self-build mortgages are more complicated than other mortgage products, often presenting unique challenges for self-build applicants. BuildLoan’s expertise in this field can help you confidently resolve common issues that arise when applying for self-build mortgages on behalf of your clients.

Accessing Furness products through BuildLoan

Does my client need to own the land when applying?

Are the funds released in stages?

What BuildLoan exclusive products are available with Furness?

Where can I find more information about BuildLoan?

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