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Scott and Helen: Holiday-Let case study

Helping a Holiday-Let dream to come true

Who did we help?

Scott and Helen have a successful portfolio of Buy-to-Let (BTL) properties while also being directors of their own recruitment company.

They take very little income from the business as they have modest outgoings which are largely covered by their BTL income and modest salaries. They only draw dividends on a ‘when needed’ basis. When they’re not working, they frequently visit beauty spots around the UK for a mini break.

What did they need?

Scott and Helen were considering expanding their BTL portfolio but following a recent holiday, realised they would much sooner buy a Holiday-Let property that they could also use themselves.

Why were they facing challenges?

There are far fewer lenders that offer Holiday-Let mortgages and those that do, often don’t allow personal use.

In addition, Scott and Helen’s income was relatively complex and failed to meet the requirements of most lenders operating in this specialist market.

How did we help?

We understand most Holiday-Let applicants will want to use the property themselves and therefore allow up to 90 days a year for personal use.

We also assess income on pre-tax profit as we recognise that some people don’t want to remove all the profit from their business. We agreed on a 75% LTV mortgage based on the provision of two years’ accounts together with an assessment of potential holiday rental income based on mid-season average figures.


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