Furness revises residential product range and introduces free valuations

Furness revises residential product range and introduces free valuations.

 Furness for Intermediaries has revised its residential product range with the launch of 9 new products available to brokers across England, Scotland and Wales.

The new products include a newly priced 2 year fixed rate at 1.69% (£999 fee) at 80% LTV and a 5 year fixed rate at 3.39% (£999 fee) at 90% LTV. All the new products carry a free standard valuation package for purchases and for clients wanting to remortgage, there is a standard incentive package of free valuation and legal fees for cases in England and Wales. For cases in Scotland, a contribution of £150 towards legal fees will apply.

Alasdair McDonald, Head of Intermediaries for Furness, told us  “We feel that we can offer an attractive proposition to brokers throughout England, Scotland and Wales. With our new lower rates and our individual approach to underwriting, we can cater for the straightforward cases as well as those that need a closer look and a personal touch. We’re able to help our broker partners understand their clients’ complex accounts with self-employed cases and our experienced underwriters will always try to find a way to say yes."