Furness launches new residential products for 90% and 95% LTV cases.

Furness launches new residential products for 90% and 95% LTV cases.

Furness has launched two new fixed rates products, which are available across England, Scotland and Wales.

Both products are 2 year fixed rates, with the first being 2.59% for cases up to 90% LTV with a £999 fee and the second is 2.99% for cases up to 95% LTV with no fee.

As well as being available for standard employed clients, Furness are happy to look at cases with a more complex income including for self-employed clients. Their flexible approach to lending means they are able to assess each case on its own merits including looking at pre-tax profits when assessing affordability.

As further benefit to customers both products carry a free standard valuation package for purchases and for clients wanting to remortgage, there is a standard incentive package of free valuation and legal fees for cases in England and Wales. For cases in Scotland, a contribution of £150 towards legal fees will apply.

Alasdair McDonald, Head of Intermediaries at Furness told us “As a solution based lender we understand that is not all about the rate. Our approach to lending means that we can help self-employed clients by giving them the care and attention they need. We understand that your client's income will inevitably fluctuate and company structures can vary. That’s why our underwriters consider the unique nature of each client's business and will assess your client’s income accordingly.”