Furness launches new range of products

Furness are delighted to return to the market with a range of new products available across England, Scotland and Wales.

The new range of residential products includes a 4.09% 2 year discount (£999 fee) for cases up to 85% LTV.

As well as being available for employed clients, Furness are happy to look at cases with a more complex income including for those who are self-employed. Their flexible approach to lending means they are able to assess each case on its own merits including looking at pre-tax profits when assessing affordability.

For landlords, the Furness is able to offer a range of Unregulated, Regulated up to 80% LTV and Holiday Lets up to 75% LTV.  Their lowest rate Buy-to-let product is a 2 year discount with a pay rate of 4.19% (£995 Fee) for cases up to 75% LTV.

As with all Buy-to-let products from Furness, applications will be assessed based on an applicant’s overall financial situation - not by simply using an ICR calculation. Earned income together with mortgage and other credit commitments will be reviewed personally by an underwriter. This enables Furness to consider a wider range of cases that present good quality, low risk lending.

A further benefit for Holiday Let cases is that the client is allowed use of the property for up to 90 days a year.

All products in this new range include £250 Cashback.