Furness launches highly competitive ERC free products

Furness launches highly competitive ERC free products.

Furness is delighted to announce the launch of two market leading 2 year discounts available across England, Scotland and Wales.

The products are priced at a highly competitive 0.89% for cases up to 60% LTV, and 1.19% for cases up to 80% LTV.

The low rate means clients can keep their monthly repayments as low as possible and with No ERC they have the flexibility to move to a fix later if rates get too high.

Both products carry a £1,699 fee which can be paid up front or added to the loan.

As further benefit to customers both products carry a free standard valuation package for purchases and for clients wanting to remortgage, there is a standard incentive package of free valuation and legal fees for cases in England and Wales. For cases in Scotland, a contribution of £150 towards legal fees will apply.

DIPs and applications for the new products are welcome from both purchasers and those looking to re-mortgage and can be submitted via the Society’s online submission system. A highly experienced underwriting team, who work closely with brokers on a daily basis, will individually assess all applications. 

Alasdair McDonald, Head of Intermediaries said

“As the cost of living creeps up, we want to help give your clients some peace of mind by keeping mortgage payments as low as possible. Our new products come with highly competitive rates and, with no ERCs, your clients can rest easy knowing they can switch to a fixed deal if the rates get too high”