Mortgage Repayment Holidays and Offer Extensions

Mortgage Repayment Holidays

As many people are being asked to stay at home and businesses are having to close, we understand that some of your clients will face financial difficulties. This will mostly likely affect the self-employed, those on zero contract hours and others.

The Government has announced that all homeowners will be able to claim a three-month break from their mortgage repayments if they are unable to pay because of Coronavirus and we’ve been working hard to put measures in place to make sure we can help your clients that are affected.

Furness Building Society is a responsible lender and whilst we understand that times are challenging, we have a duty to let your clients know that delaying their mortgage payments should be a last resort and they should only take this action if absolutely necessary.

If your clients are struggling to make their mortgage payment with us that is due in the next 30 days because they have been affected by Coronavirus please refer them to our information on mortgage repayment holidays

Mortgage Offer Extensions

In line with guidance from UK Finance, we will extend mortgage offers by up to 3 months for your clients who have already exchanged contracts but are unable to complete.  We're working hard to put this additional support in place and are contacting all of your clients whose offers have expired, or are due to expire in April or May 2020.

If you want to discuss how we can help you and your clients please get in touch with your Business Development Manager:

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