Working with us

Part 1 - before you submit an application

As broker and lender, there are ways we can work together to make the application process more efficient for you and your client.

Our process begins before you reach the application stage and exists to create a smoother journey post-application. Our underwriting is conducted manually; we don’t rely on a computer-generated decision.

We’ve outlined the recommended steps to follow below.

If you have already submitted your application you may be interested in ‘Part 2 - after you’ve submitted your application’.

Step 1 - Register as an intermediary

Step 2 - Contact your BDM

Step 3 - Use our affordability calculators

Step 4 - Discuss your case

Step 5 - Apply for a Decision in Principle

Step 6 - Collate all supporting documents

Step 7 - Complete the application form

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