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Part 2 - after you submit an application

If you’ve submitted a mortgage application to us, you and your client will be keen to know the outcome as soon as possible. 

However, we don’t use a scorecard and our assessments aren’t automated. They are conducted by a real person so your client’s unique and individual circumstances can be taken into account. 

We’ll do our utmost to keep you informed of our progress but it may be helpful to understand the steps being taken behind the scenes. 

If you’re yet to submit your application you may be interested in ‘Part 1 - before you submit an application’.

A quick checklist

You’ve submitted an application and your client is eagerly awaiting the outcome. While we follow steps 1 - 6 below, take the time to run through the quick checklist below: 

  • Have you uploaded all requested documents? 
  • Have you provided explanatory notes where your case has been referred and agreed?
  • Have you noted our underwriting Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
  • Have you saved our case update contact details? 0800 988 1561 (Option 2) / brokerhub@furness.co.uk 

Step 1 - Instructing property valuations

Step 2 - Requesting the valuation fee

Step 3 - Requesting additional documentation

Step 4 - Issuing an Offer of Loan

Step 5 - Extending an Offer of Loan

Step 6 - Paying your procuration fee

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