Protecting your information

You can help prevent misuse of your account by:

  • taking care of your passbook and other account information (including any passwords for electronic banking)
  • always use a password that could be easily guessed eg 123456 or your date of birth - use a mixture letters, cases, numbers and symbols and use different passwords for different systems and accounts
  • regularly change your passwords
  • always log out of a website when you have completed your transactions
  • use anti-virus software and keep your PC updated
  • do not click links in any unexpected or unusual emails
  • letting us know as soon as possible if your passbook is lost or stolen or you suspect someone has accessed your account or used your passbook without authority. The best way to let us know is by telephoning us on 0800 834312 or you can e-mail us at
  • letting us know as soon as possible of any change in your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address or if you do not receive any information that you were expecting to receive from us
  • checking your passbook regularly
  • checking your annual savings statement and payment notifications
  • taking care when getting rid of information about your account (people who commit fraud use many methods such as ‘bin raiding’ to get this type of information - you should take simple steps such as shredding printed material
  • never giving your account details or security information (including any passwords for electronic banking) to anyone.


Identity fraud (also called identity theft) is when a criminal pretends to be you. They may do this in order to buy things in your name that they never intend to pay for or to gain access to your accounts. It is very important to take action to protect your personal details.

We take the security and protection of our customer data very seriously and if you believe that your data has been compromised in any way, we urge you to contact us immediately, so that we can help you to take the appropriate steps to protect your accounts.

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