Helping the local community in Lancaster for over 50 years.

Fri 26th July 2019

Helping the local community in Lancaster for over 50 years.

For over 50 years Furness Building Society has been serving the local residents in Lancaster by helping them buy their own homes and providing a safe, solid and secure home for their savings. Through the Furness Community Awards Scheme, they are proud to support a wide range of charities and good causes every year making a real difference to local people.

As well as this, each year the Furness makes a cash payment – from its own funds – to St John’s Hospice based on the average balances held in the Hospice’s community accounts. Over the last 4 years the Society has presented the charity with over £9,000.

Joanne Bird, Lancaster Branch Manager says, “One of our greatest strengths is putting our customers first. Our success is founded on the fact that the Society is run for our members and we are proud to help them achieve their dream of buying their own home. We are able to help a wide range of customers, from first time buyers, to people building their dream home, customers who want to take their mortgage into retirement and much more.”

The Society also caters for a wide range of savings needs, from easy access accounts  through ISAs, to regular saving accounts and has recently launched a 5 year fixed rate ‘Summer Sizzler’ bond. Customers will also receive a fantastic summer treat for opening a Summer Sizzler bond, so why not call in to speak to Joanne and the team in St. Nicholas Arcades.

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