Emma and Carl's Story

How we helped Emma and Carl move into their dream home

Emma and Carl currently own their own home worth £150,000 and are mortgage free.


Emma is British and Carl is Australian, on a spousal visa which has been renewed once and is due to expire on 28/09/2019.


Emma works as a nurse, and Carl is an engineer and their joint annual income is £53,378


They were happy in their current home which is a two up, two down townhouse but have come across their dream home, worth £205,000, in an up and coming area and want to move quickly so they do not lose out.

They have applied for a mortgage of £153,500  with another lender so they can buy their new home and have no other personal debts or liabilities, such as credit cards or car loans.

The problem they have is that they wish to raise £60,000 on their current home for the deposit but they have yet to even put it on the market. 

Emma and Carl have agreed to put the house on the market immediately and think it could sell quite quickly. So after speaking to our mortgage adviser we explained our Short Term Mortgage solution, with the ability to repay early at no extra charge will suit their needs.


Emma and Carl now just have the difficult job of sorting out the wallpaper for their new house.


If you are in a similar situation, or want just to talk around your options then call us 0800 220 568


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