A Greener Lifestyle

A guide by Furness Building Society

Living a greener lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean making huge changes to your home.

There are plenty of simple ways you can become more eco-conscious - and you may even save money in the process!

From planet positive clothing to sustainable transport, check out our guide to greener living below.

Eco-friendly transportation

Making your commute more sustainable is the first step towards a greener lifestyle. This may not be practical for everyone, but switching up your transport options just a few days a week can have a big impact. Some popular eco-friendly transportation options include:

Public Transport

With buses and trains matching the speed of a private vehicle, one of the most eco-friendly ways to get to your destination fast is by using public transport. The environmental cost of carrying lots of people is reduced without huge time loss to you.



Electric cars

Fashion and clothing

Another characteristic of eco-living is being conscious about the clothes you’re buying, where you’re buying them and more importantly - how you’re washing them.

But what is sustainable clothing? It comes in the form of eco-friendly fabrics and organic cottons. These may prove more costly to purchase but well-made and high quality clothing usually lasts much longer than fast-fashion and not having to buy clothes as regularly saves you the extra cash in the long run. 

Some tips and tricks designed to help you go green and save money with your wardrobe include:

Buy well, choose well, make it last’

Ensure you’re choosing clothes that you’ll love forever, rather than discarding when the new seasonal trends appear online and on the high street.

Repair before you replace!

Avoid buying fabrics that use microfibres

Washing machines and sustainable laundry

How you wash your clothes can also make a big difference to your imprint on the environment. You can incorporate an eco-friendly approach to laundry into your daily routine very easily with some of the following ideas:

Try a cooler wash

Turn your washing machine down to 30°C. Your clothes will still come out clean, but with a much smaller energy expense. You could also switch to a biological detergent as they tend to have better results at low temperatures.

Fewer loads and shorter washes

Update your washing machine

Making greener choices in your everyday life is a step in the right direction to becoming a more environmentally-friendly consumer - meaning you’re doing your bit for the planet and saving some extra cash.

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