Unregulated Buy to Let - 2 Year Discount

2.73% variable rate for 2 years. This is the current Buy To Let Mortgage Variable Rate with a 2.56% discount and £1,249 product fee can be paid upfront or added.

Representative Example

A mortgage of £150,000.00 payable over 25 years initially on a discounted rate for 2 years at 2.73% and then on our Buy to Let Mortgage Variable Rate (MVR) of 5.29% (variable) for the remaining 23 years would require 24 monthly payments of £344.19  and 276 monthly payments of £666.96.

The total amount payable would be £344,025.52 made up of the loan amount plus interest (£342,341.52) a Product fee of £1,249.00, a CHAPS Fee of £20.00, a Valuation fee £195.00, a Legal fee of £105.00, an Insurance Rearrangement fee of £25.00 ,  and a Mortgage Discharge Fee of £90.00.

The overall cost for comparison is 5.10% APR representative.

Please note the example above is for a house purchase on an interest only basis

Initial Rate for 2 years

Followed by the Buy To Let Mortgage Variable Rate - currently

The overall cost for comparison is
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5.1% APR

What will the mortgage monthly payments be?

You can use our mortgage calculator tool to find out the monthly repayments for this mortgage. Enter the amount you wish to borrow and then select the length of the loan by sliding the scale. Click Calculate to reveal the Monthly repayments.

Please note the minimum advance for a mortgage is £20,000 (£500 for a further advance on an existing mortgage with the Furness)


from: £50000 to: £500000
Slide scale from: 1 years to: 30 years

Mortgage Details

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Buy To Let Criteria

We do not consider applications solely on a self-financing basis, but look at the overall situation, including any other mortgages that the applicant(s) may have when assessing the application.  The general maximum permitted exposure with the Society will be £500,000, 5 properties, and in total £1m, 10 properties (including any exposure with the Society).
Assessment of overall affordability is based on ALL mortgages (both current and proposed).
Buy to let mortgages are considered on properties in mainland UK.
The maximum LTV is 75% (must include fees).  (Subject to a maximum Interest Only advance of £250,000) Please refer to product details for its specific LTV limit.
The minimum mortgage amount is £50,000 (refer for lower amounts)
The minimum valuation for Buy to let mortgages is £75,000
Please note that we do not accept applications that include Debt Consolidation for Buy To Let remortgages
The following criteria should be met:
• The application form should be fully completed and all information and evidence should be obtained in the same way as a residential mortgage application.
• The applicant(s) must have total earned income of at least £20,000 pa (please refer to our checklist to see how to evidence this)
• The applicant(s) must own their own home (with our without a mortgage)
• Any other mortgage payments e.g. residential mortgage should be included as outgoings on the Budget Planner.
• 50% of the rental income relating to the subject property may be included as income on the Budget Planner.
• The rental income should be at least equal to 125% of the monthly interest payment.
• The rental income should also be at least equal to 100% of the monthly interest payment at Mortgage Variable Rate
• The security will be valued on a vacant possession basis
• The valuer will be asked to comment on the suitability of the property for rent, the rental income achievable, and the market for such rental properties in the area.
• The Society will only accept properties that are let, or are to be let on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy of between six and twelve months duration
• A statement of Assets and Liabilities to be provided.
• Three months satisfactory bank statements
• If there are other existing Buy to Let properties, to establish that they are self-financing, we will require: ◦ Copies of the current Tenancy Agreements
◦ Latest annual mortgage statements
• Applications will not be accepted on “New-build” flats. i.e. Any flat less than five years old or which has been previously unoccupied.
• There may be occasions where the applicant's overall indebtedness is considered too high based on their financial circumstances irrespective of whether the background BTL mortgage are "self -financing"

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