Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce Affinity Account

The Lancaster District Chamber is a business membership organisation, representing and supporting Lancaster district businesses across all size groups and sectors.

There are many opportunities within the Chamber for you to develop your business.  It does not matter whether you have an established business in the area, are thinking about relocating to the Lancaster district, or starting a new enterprise.  The Chamber of Commerce can give considerable help to achieving your business objectives.

The Chamber’s principle aim is to help make Lancaster district’s businesses become more profitable and through partnerships create an environment where businesses can grow and prosper.

Please support us with a Furness Building Society Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce Affinity Account.

How to support Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce Affinity Account - at no cost to you!

Step 1
Decide how you want to apply for your no notice account by - internet, post, telephone or a branch
Step 2
Complete the application form
Step 3
Obtain passbook or login details and receive a good rate of interest
Step 4
The current rate you receive is 0.50% Gross/AER. Furness Building Society makes an annual payment from its own funds (not the savers’ accounts) equivalent to 1% of the total balances in all the Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce Affinity Accounts.

What to do ?

If you would like to know more please contact us on 0800 834312 or email

Apply Online

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Apply Offline

Please confirm you have read the important information below. Only when you have read the information and fully understand how the account works should you click to download the application form. We recommend that you print a copy of the documents for your records and keep them in a safe place.

Apply Online

When you apply online you will be redirected to a login on our eSavings platform.

Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce Affinity Account Details

Click below for more information:

Key features for eSavings

Customers must be aged 16 or over to open an eSavings account

Accounts must be opened in the sole name

eSavings accounts must be operated online and will not receive a passbook

You can pay money into your eSavings account by electronic transfer, send us a cheque or pay in cash or a cheque at your local Branch. Payments cannot be accepted at our Agency offices.

No withdrawal can be made from your eSavings account for 14 days after we receive your initial opening payment.

There is a daily online withdrawal limit of £5,000 per customer

Withdrawals and closures must be made online and cannot be made at a Branch or Agency office.

If you decide to open an eSavings account, you must refer to the eSavings online General Terms and Conditions to ensure you fully understand how your account works and your responsibilities as an account holder. All of the key features mentioned above are fully explained in this document and available to print for your information at the time of account opening.

Opening an account couldn't be easier

You will need to provide some identification when you open your account.  Details of our identification requirements can be found on this website, by asking at your local branch or agency or by contacting Furness Direct on 0800 834312.  If you are already a Furness customer, in most cases this will not be necessary.

Accounts opened in branch or through the post will receive a passbook.  Accounts opened online will not receive a passbook.


Interest earned is guaranteed to be the highest rate of the Society’s Furness Access Saver/Affinity and Charity Accounts rate. Interest is calculated daily and the interest rate is variable and paid or added to your account annually on 31 December. You can find out about our interest rates by asking at your local branch or agency for a Current Interest Rate leaflet, on this website or by calling Furness Direct on 0800 834 312.

Savings limits and additional investments

Saving in the Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce Charity Account is simple.  You can open an account from as little as £1 and pay in as little or as much as you like up to a maximum of £250,000.

Withdrawals and Closure

You can withdraw from your account at any time without notice or penalty.

Please note that branch and agency limits apply to cash withdrawals.  If you open this account online you will not be able to withdraw from your savings for 14 days after we receive your initial opening payment.


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